BELT COLOURS - green with black outer bands


The belt shown is Bermuda Regiment 1st pattern, worn from amalgamation (1965) onwards. It was originally a Bermuda Rifles pattern, though the Rifles didn't have them that long before the creation of the Bermuda Regt. The Bermuda Regiment being an amalgamation of the Bermuda Rifles and the Bermuda Militia Artillery (the BMA wore normal RA patt. belts).

The design was changed sometime in the mid 80's, the belt colours remained unchanged but the a YM anodised buckle was introduced and the belt got slightly narrower. The 'old' type are still on account in the clothing stores (I was FT clothing storeman in '05-'06) and they were re-issued briefly in '06-'07 for wear with DPM trops./combat '95 (No.8/No.9 dress) by FT SNCO's and Offr's only. The idea was that all SNCO's and Offr's would wear them but we didn't have have enough of 'old' pattern belts on account. The newer pattern belt is still being worn with No.14(barrack) dress only.

Wearing of the old pattern belt was popular with FT staff but problems arose almost immediately when we ran out of larger sizes. There was proposal to order larger sizes, but for budgetary reasons it wasn't followed through.

By the way, unlike the UK, stable belts here, like mess dress are issued rather than a 'cash' item, although there's nothing stopping you from buying one as an extra from clothing stores if you so wish.

With thanks to Robert Ricketts

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