BELT COLOURS - rifle green, royal yellow, white, black and red


The colours of the mystery Stable Belt certainly are the colours of the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment. I can remember wearing a belt similar to that with ceremonial dress, which was a white jacket, very dark trousers and a sarong over the trousers. I believe that we wore a Stable Belt over the sarong, which was knee length. Can you imagine wearing jeans and a kilt at the same time? That was how it was. I served three years to the Sultan of Brunei in the 1970s.

RBMR now have a new title which is something like the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, maybe the Stable Belt is for them also. When I was there we had 2 infantry battalions, an air wing and a 'Flotilla' or naval squadron. Also we had a workshop, and a training wing.

The Stable belt was introduced 28th November 1969 and worn by all ranks. The buckles of the belt were to be in line with the right-hand pocket, straps facing to the rear. It is 3 inches wide and made up of the following colours:

Two Black leather straps and two black leather covered buckles.

With thanks to Dennis Lunn

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