• The Buckle is the General Service (GS) issue buckle from the buff Dress-belt which was common to all Regiments until about 1960, until Cortelene was introduced. The new buckle for Cortelene Dress Belts was the flat Chrome one, that fits all Cap-badges. Later, as an economy step, the new buckle was adapted to Stable-Belts. The Army saved herewith the cost of one buckle.

    The buckle shown, does not belong (and never has been!) on a Stable-belt. It is much too heavy. It is often also seen with the King`s Crown, as the GS buckle is that ancient! There are two different areas here, that have been wrongly combined.

    The belt is a normal belt of the Royal Artillery, minus it`s leather accessories or link buckle (Army cadets are renowned for constructing such mixtures when parts are scarce).

    The wearing of Stable-Belts (a non issued Item) with Dress uniforms is and was, strictly against Army Dress Regulations. That means, there are two forms of Dress here also. A unit RSM would have a fit. It is also badly in need of a clean.

  • This is the first pattern Girdle that was sealed for the REME to wear on Number 1 Dress. I am told that it was taken into use by their Band

  • The mystery belt of March 2010 is definitely not Royal Artillery. RA is with a yellow centre, then blue and red

  • The Mystery belt is similiar to the belt worn by The Staff Band of the Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, though with a different buckle. I don't know if it is still worn but was in the early 1970's (picture below)

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