RNZ Armoured Corps Stable Belt as new with bag and label

Middle and lower images with thanks to Spike Sutcliffe

BELT COLOURS - green, red and brown


The Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps wears the stable belt of its allied British unit the Royal Tank Regiment in recognition of the close affiliation forged during World War II. The Royal Tank Regiment stable belt is green, red, and brown.

With thanks to George Pearson

On 28 July 1917, in the British Army, the Heavy Section of the Machine Gun Corps became the Tank Corps. Fate played its part in the selection of the Corps colours, Major General Sir Hugh Elles and Lieutenant Colonel Hardess-Lloyd finding only a limited selection of materials when they visited a French draper’s shop. They chose brown, red, and green, a combination that Major General J.F.C. Fuller later proposed could be interpreted as ‘from mud, through blood, to the green fields beyond’. The three original flags, made of the material purchased by Major General Sir Hugh Elles, were flown as follows: one by the general at the battle of Cambrai (20 November 1917); one across the Rhine (in both wars); and one on entering Berlin in 1945.

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